Furniture Upholstery

We offer custom furniture upholstery to fit your vision, whether it's a brand new custom piece or repairs to an existing heirloom. We have experience with couches, chairs, drapes, pillows, & stools and are always willing to take on a new challenge.

Custom Furniture Fabrication

We love building and repairing furniture. Whether it's repairing a family heirloom or building a brand-new custom piece, we can help create your unique vision.

Automotive, Boat & Aviation Upholstery

We love working on boats, cars, RV's and planes! We specialize in turning old, worn-out interiors into modern luxury at an affordable price.

Unique part fabrication

Do you have a unique part you'd like fabricated for a special project? We are always looking for a new adventure and love turning your vision into a reality. Contact us to see if we can create your custom part.

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