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Aviation Upholstery Specialists

Welcome to Gold Ridge Design, where furniture stands out. If you're an aircraft owner or fleet manager, look no further for your upholstery needs. We bring your vision to life. Whether it is a brand-new custom piece to make you plane pop or a restoration project to give furniture new life and new memories, Gold Ridge Design is your premier upholstery shop.


We serve the Greater Salt Lake Valley and beyond. Conveniently located between Salt Lake International Airport and Skypark Airport, we can assist with your aviation needs, from simple repairs to full custom interiors. We build cushions that directly match any make or model of aircraft. Our process will capture your exact requirements and exceed your expectations. If you want to maintain the history of your aircraft or make a statement with your plane, our creative team will help accomplish your goal and match your enthusiasm for flying.


We understand our customers and their passions. Airplanes bring out each owner’s personality and we will help you express your commitment to aviation. No project is too small or too large for Gold Ridge Design. If you are looking for a vintage vibe or something more modern, we can do it.


Do you have a spring that needs to be retied or webbing that needs to be replaced? We can help. Did a seam split? We can help. Aviation upholstery must consider many factors such as the plane’s make and model, storage location, storage facility, aircraft use, and pilot’s needs. We have the largest selection of materials, textures, colors, and patterns to build your vision while ensuring longevity, quality, and comfort. Each project we undertake at Gold Ridge Design blends in durability, safety, and style to match your airplane fuselage.


Vintage aircrafts required an expert’s skill set. At Gold Ridge Design our team maintains the integrity of the original while repairing the damaged upholstery to highlight the history and bring the plane into mint condition. Our skills complement the old with the new so every inch of the aircraft’s interior flows seamlessly together to capture an authentic vintage look and feel.


If you are going for a modern aviation look, Gold Ridge Design can transform any plane into a show-stopping aircraft. We use the latest technologies to present one-of-kind seating that brings out your desired expression. Our upholstery techniques balance art and science to allow airplanes to be an extension of their owners.


Customization is what sets Gold Ridge Design apart from other aviation upholstery shops. We want to make your project all about you. Looking for add-ons, storage, comfort, or design that help you enjoy the freedom of flying in comfort and style? We can create couches, chairs, and seats that provide more storage to keep all of your aviation gear secured, safe, and easy to access while maintaining a clean and organized plane. We can provide drapes, curtains, or pillows to give your aircraft an added flair or highlight a specific feature of your plane. Our team at Gold Ridge Design will bring your idea, vision, and love of flying to life through our custom upholstery.

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