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Marine Upholstery Experts

Boats come in all different shapes, sizes, and styles. Luckily, at Gold Ridge Design we have a team that specializes in marine upholstery to help you get the most out of your boat. We can reinfuse life through complete restorations or create unique interiors that make your boat stand out on the water.


We love working with watercraft and their owners. Our design team captures the way each boat was designed to operate and helps each customer curse around in style and comfort. Did a cushion blow out on your boat? Want to match one cushion with the rest of the boat to ensure there is no distinction between the repaired seat and the original? No problem. Does your interior need a complete makeover? No problem. Gold Ridge Design has endless options to meet your needs. We can ensure clean lines and a seamless flow in the restoration of your boat or we can bring to life your vision of the best interior with a new look.


Working with our team is a comfortable and enjoyable process. We have a computer CAD design program to help make mockups to ensure every detail is expressed. We help customers explore options and turn ideas into realities that will make you fall in love with boating.


Each boat is different. Make your interior uniquely yours. Our team helps each customer have a one-of-a-kind boat, yet you don’t have to go all out on color or design. Gold Ridge Design’s craftsmanship makes any color pop from the fine trim, to the padding – quality is noticed in every detail.


Marine life can wreack havoc on a boat’s fabric. Gold Ridge Design only uses the finest quality products in your boat. We ask questions to help evaluate a boat owner’s needs to match what upholstery will be best for their lifestyle and help them pick the right materials. We have different leathers, synthetics, cloths, and mixtures to meet your needs.


Boats get worn down and torn in different areas due to sun damage, water exposure, improper storage, or friction from boating accessories. We put the right fabric in the right area to preserve your boat and maintain its value. Reupholstering can quickly add equity and new life to any boat but not all upholstery shops are equal in craftsmanship, skill, and quality. At Gold Ridge Design, no job is too small or too large. Whether it is a small pontoon boat or a large houseboat or a superyacht, we have done it all. We are experts in marine upholstery and have the best warranty.


We specialize in turning old, worn-out interiors into modern luxury. From boat bench seats to custom marine upholstery installations to boat covers, bring your project to Gold Ridge Design. We love working on boats and seeing our customer’s reactions to the before and after. Each boat has unique qualities that we expertly highlight with upholstery. We match history to history interiors and modern to modern needs. Your boat still has life in it. Let Gold Ridge Design help you continue the joys of being on the open water.

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